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KEK wiki system hosts wiki service using Atlassian Confluence for documentation collaboration among your team. See the details.

Getting started


Application is required for using the system. It describes necessary actions for each use case.

 Application Forms

KEK Wiki User Application Form [ pdfword ]
KEK Wiki Space Application Form [ pdfword ]
User Password Initialization Application Form [ pdf ] 

 Acceptable Use Policy

We trust you to use our services responsibly. You agree not to misuse the KEK Wiki services or help anyone else to do so.


Confluence Documentation   (Atlassian, English)

Welcome to Confluence (Demo space)


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OPERATIONAL | Site status  

Introduce secure access (SSL)

We renewed the wiki system on .  In this update, we introduced secure access (SSL) to the web site. The URLs are changed to https://... instead of http://... . We enable to redirect HTTP URLs to HTTPS URLs in the system side, so that users can continue to use HTTP URLs as before.

Scheduled Maintenance


Contacts : Help desk : Application for registering users to space groups : ML for space administrators

 See Also

   See also the related information originally provided by Atlassian.


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Past Information

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